Seismic & Wind Restraints

Filler text: Seismic Cable Restraint Systems carry tension only loads along the axis of the cable. They are used in pairs 180-degrees apart to restrain pipe, duct, electrical distribution systems or equipment in each axis. Cable restraints provide a load path between the building and the restrained component to ensure that it moves with the building. Bracing is required on both primary axes for all restrained systems. Spacing is determined by the building code and specifying engineer. Cable restraints are required for isolated systems as rigid restraints such as strut will short circuit the isolation.


  • TITAN Modular Seismic and Wind Restraint Vibration Isolator
  • RQ Elastomeric Isolator/Restraints
  • ESR Vibration Isolation Roof Curb
  • QuakeLoc Seismic Cable Restraint Kits
  • QuakeStrut Rigid Seismic Bracing
  • KHRC Hanging Rod Stiffener Clamp
  • HS Seismic Bumpers/Snubbers
  • KINFLEX Seismic V-Loops
  • KSMS Equipment Mounting Clip
  • KSMG Isolation Equipment Mounting Clip
  • KSMF Seismic "Mushroom" Fan Mounting Clip