QuietLite™ Sound Control Windows

The finest factory assembled and field proven windows in the noise control industry.

The Noise Barriers QuietLite window is completely factory assembled including the installation of liner panel (powder-coated perforated steel or fabric), glazing and glass stops. The result is a window that leaves the factory truly ready to install.

Manufactured by noise control specialists in the United States, the fixed frame (HM) or split-frame (SF) system allows for an easy installation for a wide array of site requirements. Noise Barriers QuietLite windows are in service everywhere from some of the most sophisticated performing arts center to the most demanding industrial applications, and everywhere in between.

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Noise Barriers QuietLite Window Types

Model "HM"

  • Hollow metal design
  • Fixed frame or split frame
  • STC rating from 48 to 64 (higher for triple-glazed)
  • Glazing from 1/4" to 1-3/16" thick
  • Vertical or sloped glass design
  • Custom sizes available

Sliding Glass Windows

  • Heavy Aluminum Frames, Tracks and hardware
  • Multi-Panel Configurations, Variety of Functions
  • STC ratings from 30 to 53
  • Multiple Glazing Options
  • Variety of Powder-Coated finishes available
  • Custom sizes available

Model "U"

  • "U" frame design can fit any wall thickness
  • STC rating from 43 to 64
  • Aluminum or rubber glazing channels
  • Suitable for use with modular panel systems or standard construction
  • Custom sizes available